One of the wildest moments during the Saints-Bears game wasn't even part of an active play.

During the third quarter of the matchup Chicago Bears wide reciever Javon Wims decided he would just calmly unload on Saints safety Chancey Gardner-Johnson. At first, I thought Gardner-Johnson must have gotten into it on the previous play, but upon further review he wasn't even guarding Wims before he decided to attack him.

Once I saw the replay, it seemed like Gardner-Johnson was jawing with Bears WR Anthony Miller on the play before but it wasn't anything that warranted what he saw from Wims.

Even Gardner-Johnson was confused, barely reacting to what happened let alone fighting back until teammates came to the rescue.

So what started all of this? The following video sequence broken down masterfully by Twitter user @evansaaks may help to explain.

Apparently, the video above was from the PREVIOUS Bears offensive series, which doesn't excuse Wims, but definitly puts the situation into perspective as "C.J." Gardner-Johnson must have been living rent-free in his head for the Bears receiver to retaliate a whole TWO series later.

Also, for what it's worth, "C.J." Gardner-Johnson was the Saints player who allegedly got punched by Saints WR Michael Thomas at practice, which lead to Mike getting a one-game suspension.

Wims was immediately tossed and will more than likely be looking at SERIOUS actions taken by the league that will definitely hurt his bank account. To add insult to injury, the internet has been dragging him with jokes since the incident went down.

"C.J." hasn't made an official response, but this screengrab seems to be the only feedback from the wild incident earlier today.

Based on this locker room celebration, it doesn't seem like Ceedy is too bothered.

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On the other hand, Bears head coach Matt Nagy is still "bothered" by what went down today. Doesn't look too good for Wims if you ask me.

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