The New Orleans Saints defeated the Chicago Bears in overtime on Sunday, but the last second victory was a secondary storyline as Javon Wims sucker-punched C.J. Gardner-Johnson and was ejected from the game. The NFL has now announced that Wims has been suspended for two games because of his actions.

The news was posted to Twitter by @AdamSchefter and you can see the post below

The press release by the NFL details the exact rules Wims had broken during his antics, but anyone that has ever watched sports knows that Bears receiver's actions were against the rules.

While Wims has the chance to appeal the suspension, there isn't much reason to believe the NFL will bend on this punishment.

Now there is a lot of talk around what made this incident occur, but the real place Saints' thoughts should be is - where does this leave the defense?

The Saints secondary, in particular, has been a sore spot for years. The constant penalties, the reoccurring nightmare of seeing busted coverages and deep ball touchdowns, all of it makes Saints fans twist and turn when trying to fall asleep the night before a big game.

But, this incident may be the literal punch in the face that the New Orleans Saints' secondary needed. It's obvious that opposing offenses feel no issue with trying any of the Saints defensive backs. The first punch thrown by Wims was the only proof you ever needed to prove that. But after the second punch landed, the entire secondary was on Wims' back immediately.

Mark my words - this incident is the spark that the Saints defense needed to wake up and play some championship caliber defense. Watch for Lattimore, Gardner-Johnson, and the rest of the team's defenders to be flying around the field throughout the rest of the season.

So for that reason; I say thank you, Mr. Wims. Thank you for lighting a fire in the Saints that will propel us into a playoff run and eventually - towards the Super Bowl.


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