Here's a great idea: clean out your closet AND help the less fortunate with this 40-day plan!

Lent is a huge deal around here, as this area is very steeped in Catholicism, and many people often struggle to find a worth-while penance. Well, this idea allows you to have a win-win-win situation: it gives you a daily penance (or can be something in addition to your penance), it helps you de-clutter, and it helps you give to the needy!

The premise is as simple as the writing on the photo above: on the day after Mardi Gras (Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent), take one item that you no longer wear or need and place it into a bag. Then, each day following, do the same thing. Whether it's a pair of shorts or an evening gown, every item can and will be put to use (just make certain that it is in decent condition, please). After 40 days, you'll have a tidier closet, a bag full of donations for the needy, and the feeling that comes when you do good deeds.

If you follow this plan, not only will someone in need be thanking you, you'll be thanking yourself!

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