The Gifting Grace Project is hosting its annual Pack the Backpack.

Pack the Backpack is The Gifting Grace Project’s annual school supply drive that helps the homeless children in Acadiana.

Facebook/ Gifting Grace Project
Facebook/ Gifting Grace Project
Facebook/ Gifting Grace Project
Facebook/ Gifting Grace Project

Last year this drive helped provide 537 backpacks that were filled with the school supplies that were needed for children in the Acadiana area. The 537 backpacks were distributed to homeless children in 5 parishes in Acadia Parish, Iberia Parish, Lafayette Parish, St. Martin Parish, and Vermilion Parish.

Pack the Backpack is happening from July 1- August 4, 2022.


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Items to donate:
New Backpacks
School supplies
Pencil case
Glue sticks
Baby wipes
Ziplock bags
Loose-leaf paper
Zip lock bags
Kinder mar
Small scissors
Paper towels
Expo markers
You can drop off items at any of the locations listed below:
The Gifting Grace Project Office
Absolutely Custom Apparel Store
Cajun Market Donut Company (Pinhook)
Richie’s Y-Not-Stop


If you are wanting to donate money instead of items, you can go to The Gifting Grace Project’s website for more information.

The Gifting Grace Project is asking that if you do donate money, please consider donating $40/per child. $40 will help get a child a brand new backpack filled with all the school supply items that are needed for the start of school.

Volunteers are also needed to help with the sorting of items and packing of the backpacks. If you are interested in helping The Gifting Grace Project you can sign up on their website.

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