Focus Clubhouse in Lafayette is holding a raffle with the grand prize of $5,000, and all proceeds help adults with mental illness.

Focus Clubhouse recently opened in Lafayette. It is a non-profit organization that provides adults with mental illness support by helping secure employment and establishing a social circle.

Focus Clubhouse provides a simple solution to long-term support of people with mental illness - meaningful work, employment, and friends. Membership and participation with the Clubhouse can stop the crisis, the frequent calls to law enforcement and emergency responders, the rushed trips to the ER’s and Psychiatric Hospitals.  - Focus Clubhouse, Facebook

Focus Clubhouse is new to Lafayette and, as luck would have it, has gotten off to a rocky start due to the coronavirus outbreak.

For each $10 donation, you'll receive a raffle ticket that could be worth $250 or $500 in local restaurant gift certificates or the $5,000 grand prize!

For information on Focus Clubhouse or to purchase tickets, call Clarice at (225) 806-1965 or email

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