I hope all you people that wished for warmer weather back when it was cold are satisfied. I am blaming you for the fact that I can't walk from my front door to my mailbox and back without needing to change my t-shirt.

The bad news is that it looks as if it could feel hotter today than it felt yesterday. In response to that possibility the National Weather Service office in Lake Charles has issued a Heat Advisory for almost all of Louisiana.

Forecasters say the most likely time for excessive heat will occur between Noon and 6 pm. That's when the Weather Service anticipates heat indices of 105 to 112 degrees will be likely across the advised area.

I would strongly advise you to stay out of the heat and in the air conditioning as much as you can this afternoon. If you are required to be on the outside make sure you're taking frequent rest breaks and have plenty of water or non-alcoholic beverages available to you.

We also suggest that you learn to understand the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and sunstroke. Knowing the differences and how to react when those symptoms are present could save your life of the life of someone you know.


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