What do you get when you fuse the sound of Bruno Mars, Studio 54 and Prince? Prince's formally unreleased "Born 2 Die". This is Prince at his best. Prince delivers the song in his classic fashion infused with a 70s vibe and it works, boy does it work! "Born 2 Die" is the legendary singer at his best.

Prince's estate and Sony Music, in an effort to continue to keep Prince relevant, give fans one gem at a time. It is said that Prince has hundreds of unreleased songs, so they'll be able to do this for a very long time. Somewhat following the business model of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Five years after the death of Prince, "Born 2 Die" is relevant and presents the sexy, raw sound of the purple legend. The song is about a woman who sells everything "from A to A" from coast to coast and Price is smitten by her. The song has his classic vocals and guitar licks that scream Prince.

Born 2 Die was recorded in 2010.

...during a flurry of studio activity in the spring of 2010 when President Obama was just a year into his first term. Prince was reflecting deeply on the issues affecting the Black community and the role he hoped to play in the social justice movement. -Prince Estate Press Release

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