Things got very lively at a Baton Rouge intersection recently.

A video posted to Twitter by @__glennyyy shows a wild sequence of events that took place at the corner of N. Foster and Winbourne in Baton Rouge. This guy took street performing to a whole new level—fully equipped with a sound system and intelligent lighting.

I can't tell if he was channeling Michael Jackson, Rick James, Prince, or a combination of all three but his performance was full of energy and very animated, to say the least. Actually, his dancing and singing may have been too animated for a couple of motorists who crashed (almost on beat) during his electric performance of Prince's "When Doves Cry."

As if the video wasn't zany enough, the man halts his performance to respond to one of the vehicles that were hit hard enough for the airbag to deploy. I don't know how much his performance factored into the accident, but I can't imagine the person in that vehicle was excited to see him through the airbag of their wrecked vehicle.

Ironically, at one point a Baton Rouge law enforcement officer drove through the intersection just before the man ran through the intersection and slid through the crosswalk before returning to his "stage" on the corner by way of a slick moonwalk.

I've watched this video no less than 20 times and I somehow still have more questions than answers. I also see something new with each replay.

I know we've got a good bit of listeners in the Baton Rouge area, so if you have any more information please let me know what on earth is happening here.

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