Could you imagine spending the day on the water? It is bright and breezy, an absolutely perfect day to be out on the water. You are soaking up the sun and then it happens… your perfect day ends when a whale nearby explodes.

Now I know this is gross but seriously how many times have you seen a whale explode? I know I have never seen this in real life.

This is exactly what happened recently off the coast of California near Tomales Bay. Below is the edited video of the whale exploding. I chose not to use the original video that was posted by WTF! Outdoors because there was some profanity in it. Enjoy!

So I had to know why do whales exploded after death. According to National Geographic, the natural gases inside the whale start to build up after death and this is what causes the whale to explode.

Most of the time the whales that die at sea simply sink to the bottom of the ocean but there is always one that ends up in the news for exploding somewhere it shouldn’t. Whales can take a lot of pressure so the majority of them explode when someone messes with them or tries to move them.

And here is an example of what not to do when you find a dead whale:

And in case you are wondering if we are any more intelligent than we were 50 years ago, check out this video that involves dynamite and a whale:


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