One thing that makes my anxiety sky rocket is being near water with my cellphone.

The main reason being my phone will end up in the water, or I will end up in the water with it. Either way, your cellphone is lost.

Well, what happens if you have a waterproof phone. Not so bad, right? Unless you drop it into water that you can't retrieve it from. What happens then?

Something straight out of a Free Willy movie happened to these girls. One of them dropped their cellphone straight into the water...let's be honest, probably trying to take a selfie with this cute Beluga whale.

Then, thankfully this was caught on video by another one of the girls, the Beluga whale saved the phone! It went down to the bottom, grabbed the phone in it's mouth and brought it back to the surface.

Let's also mention how happy it looks that it was able to help them out!

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