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As we prepare to throw in the towel on this year, and cautiously welcome in a new one - fireworks are in our very near future.  Even if you aren't into dropping some serious coin on some street-legal explosives - your neighbors are.  Chances are you are going to celebrate the New Year profusely very soon - like it or not.

Unfortunately for a lot pet owners, that means a long night of trying to help some very freaked out animals.  This year it will be easier than ever to keep your four-legged friend away from outdoor events featuring professional pyrotechnics due to the restrictions put in place to fight the spread of COVID-19.  The downside, however, is that more folks than ever will try to replace that experience with some store bought fireworks that can be just as frightening to your pet.

The ASPCA recommends that you be there for your pet, perhaps move to an interior (quieter) room, play some music, and/or even invest in an anxiety vest for your dog if you know they are prone to go berserk when the mortars begin firing.

All of us should be on the look out for missing animals over the next few weeks.  New Years and the 4th of July celebrations drive up cases of runaways every year due to firework anxiety.  Pets hear the popping, break out of their homes/yards/etc. and get lost in the escape.  If this happens to you Shreveport you can contact Caddo Parish Animal Services here.  In Bossier City, you can contact Animal Control here.

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