A couple weeks ago, I posted here about something called 'Social Engineering'.  This is a very popular technique among hackers for  interfering with your online experience and potentially ruining  your computer. 

Users of Facebook & other social media are particularly easy targets because we share so much information. Hackers get into your account and send viruses to people on your friends list. These are generally diguised as posts from you.   When the victin clicks the link, they're downloading a virus into their own computer. If you get a post such as ' (fill in the name, someone you know) has answered a question about you' or 'see who's viewed your profile' it's  probably wise not to open it.  The photo attached to this blog is an example. The 'sender' had no idea 'til I contacted her. I've been in contact with several people in the past 24 hours who had no idea they'd been hacked into and someeone was useing their name to spread viruses. I f you even suspect you've been hacked, change your password immediately. I recently had to change mine three times in one week.

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