I was scrolling through Twitter today when I came across a post that made my heart stop in its tracks:

Is it true? Has the golden land of all-things-fried-perfectly been once again opened up for our palates to be pleasured?

As with many other things during the coronavirus pandemic, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchens closed their lobbies, as per direction from higher up. With the waning number of cases and the rising number of residents vaccinated, fast-food lobbies are beginning to open back up.

I called this particular Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen to ask if the buffet will be coming back along with the lobby hours returning. The last remaining Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in the whole country that still had a buffet; an all-you-care-to-eat option during its lunch hours. Pay one price and run through the line as many times as you'd like. I wanted to know if I'd be able to, once again, enjoy the last of a dying breed.

There was no answer.

I don't know. I hate that I couldn't find out for 100% certain that A) the lobby was actually reopened, or B) if the buffet was coming back. I guess I'll have to update this story when I go there tomorrow for lunch.

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