A recent post on Reddit questioned whether Lafayette's "Wing Fingers" is closing for good.

Wing Fingers, on Johnston near campus, hasn't posted to their Facebook page for over a week. Concerned chicken lovers on Reddit noticed that the "Wing Fingers" sign was being taken down.


The post Wing Fingers DID make on their Facebook page was this:

Are they moving? Did they remove the sign to make room for a new, improved sign? HUNGRY CHICKEN FINGER EATERS WANT TO KNOW!

I'll tell you, this coronavirus BS is not only taking a toll on people's lives healthwise, but it's also taking a toll on our local economy. Y'all, please, if you can, go to a local restaurant and order some food today. Leave a tip, if you can. We have to help each other.

As to whether they are officially closed down or not, I guess we'll just have to cross our wings and wish for the best.


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