Happy birthday to Joe Jonas, underwear model, movie star, one third of the infamous Jonas Brothers and now the dynamic lead in the hit group DNCE since 2015.  Joe turned 28 today.  But when he was a mere 20-years-old, CJ violated a backstage policy at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and nearly got he and his daughter kicked out of the arena.

CJ recalls, "My intent was to stay at a distance and film my daughter meeting the Jonas Brothers backstage.  Well it didn’t quite go as expected.  These young men were simply just too NICE!  They went out of their way to greet me too.  The whole time, I’m thinking, don’t be nice to me, I’m holding a camera that I should not be holding, secretly video taping you. The large guy in video 2 inches from me is their bodyguard who warned everyone in the room there was to be no videoing.  Toward the end of the video, you can almost see a glimpse of the JoBros’ dad.  I just knew the dad or the humongous bodyguard would catch me and ultimately get Brittni and I kicked out.  Luckily, What Happens In Vegas Stayed In Vegas."

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