A good news story out of Hammond as a man risks his life to save a woman and her 4 year - old from drowning.

The Hammond Star reports that Ponchatoula resident Josh Burns, a National Guardsmen, rushed to save the lives of a woman and child whose vehicle had been run off I - 55 and into a body of water in Ruddock. Burns submerged repeatedly to save them, using a hammer from a bystander to smash a window before pulling them to safety.

Burns told the Hammond Star

"I think I would be more afraid of trying to live with myself if I just sat up top of the interstate and watched a family drown in front of me instead of jumping in. So I would absolutely do it again," Burns said. "We just got very lucky, and it all worked out for the best."

State police are searching for the driver of the vehicle responsible for running the truck off the road.