Lafayette's new animal shelter will have plenty of extra space for unwanted pets in our town.

With this new place, there will be brand new state of the art equipment.

Today, local officials broke ground on the new 20,000 square foot facility that will include upgrades like a pet surgery center and a new filtration system.

Another difference that will become a reality with the new shelter, instead of having to wait on someone from the staff to escort potential parents around, interested people will be able to see all the animals that are up for adoption.

The new shelter for animals will also now have an outdoor area for the hopefully soon-to-be pets.

The budget for this new facility is around $8.9 million, and the money is coming from a millage that is dedicated for just this purpose.

Back in 2016, Lafayette Mayor President Joel Robideaux launched the idea of having our community be a no kill area.

This new shelter will help potential pet parents be able to have more opportunities to visit with the animals that are up for adoption.

Before the Robideau initiative only 47 percent of dogs that were turned over to the shelter were able to find homes, and only nine percent of cats.

Now the live outcome rate for animals is around 19.93 percent for this year, and officials with Lafayette Animal Aid believe that these number will only go higher now that there is a new shelter with increased capacities and options to help deal with surrendered animals.

Please remember, a pet is a lifetime commitment.



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