A newly obtained graphic video shows the intense moments that led up to the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt.

The Washington Post shared two previously unreported video clips that shed new light on the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran and Trump supporter that stormed the U.S. Capitol with other rioters on January 6.


As Babbitt and others approached a barricaded door leading into the Speaker's Lobby there were officers guarding the threshold. At one point, the officers moved away when other members of law enforcement in tactical gear were able to move into place behind the mob of rioters who continued to punch on doors, smash windows, and beat on anything that stood in the way of their quest to get into the Speaker's Lobby.

According to an analysis of the video and floor plans of the capitol building done by the Post, the 35-year-old California native along with the rest of the angry mob was trying to get into a hallway that would have given them access to the House of Representatives chamber.

In another clip, you can see a group of lawmakers being evacuated in that very hallway while rioters damaged property and yelled at law enforcement to let them get by.

We don’t want to hurt no one, we just want to go inside

Others yelled "F--- the blue" and reminded police officers that they've supported them in the past.

We backed you guys in the summer. When the whole country hated you, we had your back.

Nearly 35 seconds after the officers move away from the doors, a visibly agitated Babbitt received a hoist from someone as she climbed toward an unguarded section of the open door and was shot by an officer on the other side. She immediately fell to the floor and was unresponsive.


Almost instantly, another officer in tactical gear rushes up the stairwell next to where Babbitt had fallen. Some officers are seen tending to Babbitt while others secure the area and clear the space so that she could receive treatment.


She was later reported dead.


Since news broke of her fatal shooting, numerous videos, photos, and tweets from Babbitt have surfaced.


Babbitt's ex-husband, Timothy McEntee, told the Post that she owned a pool-cleaning business and felt "wronged."

She’s a small business owner in California and felt (much like others) that she was being wronged

Capitol Police announced that the officer who fatally shot Babbitt had been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is underway.