Here's another "stupid criminal" story. A man from Montreal, Canada was supposed to transport 10 pounds of methamphetamine to Calgary, Alberta. I'll assume you don't know Canadian geography very well. Calgary is northwest of Montreal. CTV News reports, Constantine Xethalis' GPS led him south, instead. When he attempted to cross the Blue water Bridge to Port Huron, Michigan, Xethalis was apprehended by U.S. customs & immigration officials.Port Director Michael Fox issued a statement saying,  “This is a perfect example of the type of activities that (Customs and Border Protection) sees every day at ports of entry around the United States. Our officers here in Port Huron are true professionals and can be proud today knowing they stopped 10 pounds of drugs from making it to the streets of America.” Xethalis was transporting the drugs to pay off a $2,000 gambling debt.

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