Most things that seem bizarre at first glance seem less bizarre after there has been a little context provided. Trust me, the context provided for this story won't make it seem less bizarre but it does offer an explanation as to why things happened the way it did.

Here's the story:

Clayton Florane had been hospitalized in Natchitoches. In fact, it was just after his release from Natchitoches Regional Medical Center that this story had its beginning. Florane needed transportation, we assume back to his hometown of Bogalusa Louisiana, so instead of calling a friend, relative, Uber or Lyft, he just decided to "borrow" one of the ambulances that were parked at the hospital.

Fast forward a few hours and several miles down the road to Gonzales Louisiana where a sharp-eyed police officer became concerned after spotting a damaged Natchitoches Regional Medical Center ambulance at the intersection of Hwy. 30 and Hwy 44.  The officer engaged the driver of the ambulance and that's when Florane admitted that he had stolen the vehicle.

He did offer the officer a reason for the theft. He told the policeman that he needed a ride home. That's it. That was his reason. He needed a ride home.

As luck would have it Florane did not make it home. He was taken to the Ascension Parish Jail and charged with one count of LaRS 14:69 Felony Possession of Stolen Goods and one count of LaRS 32:415 Driving Under Suspension.


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