It could mean the difference between life and death.

The American Heart Association says that there are over 400,000 cardiac arrests that happen outside of hospital walls every year, with only about 10% of people surviving.

The earlier CPR is started, the better the chance of survival. That is why New Orleans Senator Troy Carter's bill will require 911 operators and other EMS dispatchers to receive over-the-phone CPR training.

This will allow operators and dispatchers to deliver, over the phone, the information to someone who may not know how to do CPR, which could save a few minutes before EMS arrives on scene.

Governor Edwards signed the bill into law Thursday (5/31), just in time for CPR week, June1-7. It will go in to effect August 1st.

Personally, I thought this was already a thing. I wasn't aware that a 911 operator or dispatcher couldn't give this information out over the phone. I'm glad it's now in the law books.

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