All you have to do is scan the headlines of your favorite Internet news source and you will realize this is not always a safe world in which we live. That's why officials in the city of Scott have planned a special event this Saturday.

Safe Scott, Why Not? is an event that is part of the 5th annual Family Fun Day planned for Saturday, September 21st from 8 am until Noon. The event will take place at the Scott Events Center on Lions Club Road.

You can think of this event as "one-stop" shopping when it comes to keeping your family and your home safe. Representatives from the Scott Police and Fire Departments will be on hand. There will also be representatives from Acadian Ambulance and Acadian Total Security. Representatives from the Louisiana Department of Health will also be on hand as well as representatives with the Louisiana National Guard.

This informational event also has a nice "fun" component to it as well. It's the kind of fun that leaves you knowing more when you leave than what you knew before you got there. There will be demonstrations on the proper way to administer CPR and the correct way to use an AED.

Families are encouraged to explore the smoke trailer and take a turn on the inflatable obstacle course too. There will also be door prizes to win and refreshments for all. The event is free.

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