A Goodwill employee was going through donations when he spotted something wrapped in tinfoil that looked odd to him. To his surprise, when he opened it he found $46,000 in cash...and he returned every dollar.

Jessee Diaz works at a Goodwill store in California and got the surprise of a lifetime when he discovered $46,000 wrapped in tinfoil in a box of donations.

How the heck does $46,000 just wind up in a box?

Cleveland19.com reports a 79-year-old woman's husband had just recently passed away. Her daughter-in-law took the boxes to Goodwill to help clear out clutter, but had no idea there was thousands of dollars inside one the boxes.

Diaz tells cleveland19.com "when I opened it, it was five envelopes of cash," he said. "I couldn't believe it for a split second."

When asked if he thought about keeping the money, Diaz says "There's a lot of people who depend on us, and it's just the right thing to do. I didn't think twice."

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