With all of the negativity we find online, it's nice to come across a sweet story that tugs at your heart. This is one of those stories.

Twitter user Kelly Victoria posted her story of becoming a little girl's fairy friend, "Sapphire", bringing magic and wonder to the little girl's life. It becomes apparent while reading the story that something brought these two people together. Not only did the little girl, Eliana, need the fairy friend she found in "Sapphire", but it appears that "Sapphire" was in need of a purpose, which is exactly what Eliana provided.

Kelly noticed a fairy garden in her neighborhood on one of her walks and, when she read the note left near the garden, she knew that she wanted to take part in Eliana's good will project.

Sapphire left a note, along with a gift for Eliana. In the note, Sapphire asked her to do nice things to be able to keep the gift. What Sapphire found in return warmed her heart.

Of course, Eliana's parents were helping her write the notes to Sapphire, and left notes of their own to thank Sapphire for helping create magic in Eliana's life during their coronavirus quarantine.

Eliana's mother started leaving more information in the notes, that way Sapphire could make her gifts and notes to Eliana a little more meaningful.

After several weeks of back-and-forth with letters and gifts, one of the letters that Eliana and her parents left included some not-so-good news: Eliana and her family were moving. They weren't moving too far away, but far enough to where maintaining the garden would be difficult.

Sapphire really wanted to meet Eliana face-to-face, so she came up with a story that allowed for that meeting.

Here's a video of Eliana about to open one of Sapphire's gifts.

And another video of when Eliana finds a gift from Sapphire in the fairy garden.

Eliana even got a surprise during her family's Christmas gathering on Zoom.

Such a refreshing story, and a reminder that when you do good deeds, they come back to you multiplied. Thank you, Kelly Victoria, for not only creating Sapphire, but for creating some magic and joy for one girl and her family.

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