Chick-fil-A customers have been shutting down one lane of Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette for years. The two, "No Parking On Pavement" signs near the entrance of the fast-food chicken chain appear to be merely roadside decorations to many of the restaurant's customers.

This will all be changing soon as the Ambassador Caffery location is closing and a new one is opening on Kaliste Saloom. (No one is quite sure the same thing won't happen at the new location as well)

In an effort to take the pulse of Lafayette drivers who endure the rath of inconsiderate drivers who break the law and park on Ambassador Caffery for chicken, we took to social media to let Lafayette drivers vent to those who park to cluck.

The response was overwhelming. Of all the surveys and polls we've taken, this one garnered one of the greatest responses we've ever noted.

The survey question read, "What Would You Like to Say to Drivers Who Block Amb. Caffery Waiting to Pull Into Chick-fil-A. Here are just a small portion of the answers received.


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"U know u not supposed to stop on the effin road." -Sandra B.

"How hungry are you really." -Mary K.

"Eat somewhere else." -LeRoy A.

"This is bullsh*t." -Heather M.

"Really? It's not that good." -Dona W.

Every single one out on the road should get tickets. Period. -Emily B.

"Eat more beef." -Erin S.

"Move! There is clearly a sign that says no blocking the roadway." -Rebecca R.

"Go around to the back get off of the damn street!!!!!!" -David H.

"You Suck." -Zack Ardoin

"And unfortunately, I see the same drama coming soon on Kaliste Saloom when the new one opens." -Danielle B.

You are selfish and literally, slow down hundreds of people because you don't care about anyone but yourself! I ride the horn EVERYTIME I see it, in hopes of adding a little embarrassment. -Jay F.

"I blame the far left woke snowflakes who decided to boycott them, only to see their popularity explode. I don't blame the cars in the street, I blame the people responsible for the popularity surge." -Hans P

"I don't know what I'd say to them, but I know inside my car I'm yelling some pretty nasty stuff. Oh and I feel better when I honk at them as I drive by." -Wanda L.

"It's Just Chicken!!!" -Donna G.

"Go try Popeyes." -Timmy C.

"Get a life!!! It's only a chicken sandwich." -Stevie L.

Jesus wouldn't like you blocking traffic. -Jennifer P.

"Stay home save money and fry some chicken tenders in your kitchen." -Michael W.

"You're some kind of stupid and obviously you can't read the signs on Ambassador Caffery!!!! -Ruth C.

"READ THE SIGNS" -Virginia P.

"#hatechicken." Bart L

"The cops need to start issuing tickets!" -Ruth R.

Read the sign and just circle around back! They have a perfect system if you enter from the back of the building! Simply use the next entry-between Kinkos and the tire place, drive around the back and voila! Plenty of room to wait in line. -Nicole F.

"No room in the drive, no chicken for you. Get out of the way." -Lisa Buswell

"Whyyyyyyy? Of all the options whyyyyyy?" -Joan B.

"Get a life! That food is not worth everyone's safety and TIME." -Stephanie M.

"If people would contact their councilman and report the situation, I'm sure they could get Lafayette City Police to do their job." Lee D.

It is clearly illegal to stop and park in the middle of the road and there are two signs stating not to stop on the pavement! The selfishness of the drivers, complete disregard for others and the lack of law enforcement which is allowing a dangerous situation for emergency vehicles to get through, is an embarrassment to our city. This has been a very visible issue for years, yet law enforcement hasn't done anything to put a stop to it and the only resolution has been for Chick-fil-A to relocate. A police officer should be stationed there, at least at the busy times, and ticket everyone. -Christina R.


"USE THE APP." -Christina G.

"The food ain't that good to cause a wreck over."-Stacie H.

"The problem will continue-only now it will be on Kaliste Saloom with people trying to turn left to get to the new location." -Mary N.

"It's only chicken!" -Lori B.

Get a life! Chick-Fil-A is not the only good thing to eat in Lafayette! When you see a line blocking traffic please chose someplace else to get your food from. This is actually against the law to block moving traffic like this. Maybe a policeman should stand out there and hand out tickets!!!! -Suzanne E.

"Go home and cook." -Mona B.

"I would never wait for anything that long.....there are better things to eat!!!" -Danielle B.

"Move along, pass back later or eat something else. It does clearly state, 'no parking on pavement' for a reason." -Erin D.

"You soon will be blocking Kaliste Saloom." -Crystal T.

"Learn to read road signs posted by Chick-fil-A." -Dawn P.

Chicken is good, but people matter. -Lori M.

"Here's your ticket for illegally blocking traffic." -Phyllis M.

"Can you please park and go get your chicken!" -Tammy M.

"Mooooooovvvveeee." -Camille L.

"So if there's a sign that clearly states 'no blocking traffic' or 'do not stop on road' and the person blocking traffic gets rear-ended. They should be at fault, right?" -Jacob D.

You're eating garbage and inconveniencing hundreds of people for your bad taste. Go eat an apple and give yourself at least a chance at a long, healthy life. -Gwyn H.

"I cannot believe this is legal, it is awful! Can't believe people think it's good enough to go through the possibility of an accident for....yuck!" -Phyllis P.

"I've always said, put a cop out there writing tickets and it would clear up within a week." -Cindy F.

"This is Chick-fil-A in general. I travel for work and it's the same in other cities. I've learned to move to another lane if I see their sign ahead." -Nathan T.

"Please go to the turn in the back and stop blocking traffic! I had an emergency and was stuck in that trying to get to the hospital." -Desire V.

It's chicken people!!! Learn to read signs!!!! Yes, they apply to you too, no matter how SPECIAL you think you may about going around the backside of the building to get into line. -Bonnie R.

"All you gotta do is use the app, place a curbside pickup and drive around the back. Done." -Ali R.

"Eat at Popeye's it's better and Louisiana owned." -Julio N

"I just make sure I'm in the left lane by the time I get in front of Lowe's. And I would never block traffic to turn in at Chick-fil-A. It's obnoxious." -Leslie B.

"Hard to believe it's allowed. It creates an extremely dangerous situation!" -Mary G.

"It's understandable. chicken tastes better with a little homophobia." -Kory M.

If I say what I want to say I will end up in Facebook jail again! But they can go sit on a cactus! These people really have no common sense or common courtesy much less the lack of understanding the law. -Brandi L.

"Learn how to drive because it is against the law and I hope you all get tickets! It seems like in society today, doing things that are illegal are no longer frowned upon. Very sad times." -Jonny F.

"Just post an officer there and keep the tickets flowing. They will learn! -Joel B.

"Cops could also park at the corner of Ambassador and Settlers Trace and make a killing. That intersection is blocked daily by inconsiderate drivers." -Susan G.

"Why don't people just go down to the next parking lot entrance, the parking lots are all connected right there." -Eric S.

"Order online and park in the parking lot! Summer is coming it won't hurt to burn a few calories before eating those chicken nuggets." -Virginia K.

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