We know the national media has little respect for our beloved New Orleans Saints. I often see people complaining the league, and national media "hate" them. I disagree. They regard the Black and Gold as 'irrelevant." Super Bowl XLIV was seven years ago, and the Saints have been sub .500 four of the past five seasons. That being said, Fox Sports apparently doesn't like our stadium. They ranked all 32 NFL stadiums from worst to best. The Superdome came in at a lowly #21. Fox compared the atmosphere in the 'Dome to "playing in a basement", going on to call it the "worst part" of the big games that have been played there. Some of the recently constructed Taj Mahals didn't fare too well, either. Jerry Jones' Shrine, AT&T Stadium came in at #30. Gillette Stadium, home of the seemingly perennial champion Patriots didn't get good marks, either, coming in at #23. Click here for the full list.

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