, a helpful wedding planning website, just released a survey that gives couples getting marred insight about pre-wedding fights and why they happen.

Where to get married takes the top spot.  This is particularly tough if a bride and groom are from two different areas.  Do you have the wedding in his hometown or hers?  That's important to both families.  Talk through it, and be ready to compromise.

Do you invite an ex?  Wow!  This depends on a few things.  Are you and your ex still good friends?  Does your significant other get along with your ex?  Under those circumstances, you may be in good shape.

Spending.  How much to spend?  And where do you spend the bulk of the money. on the wedding or the honeymoon?  The experts suggest that you both be on the same page about spending, or after the wedding, it could haunt your relationship for a long time causing problems for the two of you in the future.

And finally, conflicting traditions or religions.  To conquer this one, talk it out.  Get to know the customs and traditions from each side.  There might be a way to encompass both sides.  The perfect situation would be for both the bride and groom to have beliefs and traditions from both religions represented on the big day.


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