Oh the dilemma, whether to have line-dancing at ones wedding reception.  Is it too country, obnoxious or just so 1980?  Actually, it may be the best thing to ever happen to your wedding reception.

As a mobile DJ of many years, I feel as though I can speak with quite a bit of knowledge about having line-dancing at your wedding reception.

First, let's cut to the chase, everything leading up to the wedding is all about YOU.  The fittings, dinners, rehearsals, flowers, invitations, location, the actual ceremony, all about YOU.  The reception is NOT about YOU.

The reception is for your guests.  After your first dance with the groom, parents dance, wedding party dance and money dances (if you have those), you're off taking a million pictures and hugging everybody.  The reception is entertainment and fun for the people who have dedicated their Saturday afternoon to attend your wedding.

Only once did I take a job where the bride demanded no line-dances.  That was a miserable afternoon for me.  After telling about 40 people I couldn't play line dances, watching most of them walk away angry, I decided to never take a job like that again.

Also, you know what a line-dance does?  It's gets a lot of people on the floor in the beginning of your reception and that breaks the ice.  Once they're up, the party is ON!  You might say, aren't there others songs that do that?  Yes.  But not like a line-dance song.

I've heard brides say, it's too country.  To that I say, you live in Acadiana, where do you think most of the people attending your wedding are from?  Lafayette is not New York.

As a side note, hire a DJ that knows what he or she is doing.  AND DON'T GIVE THEM A LIST as a good DJ can read the crowd.  Lists don't work as well as letting a DJ read the crowd.  Lists are just another way of you trying to control everything about your wedding.  Let it go.

Hire a credible DJ.  I've seen many brides in tears because everyone left the reception in under an hour.  You want to pay your cousin a hundred bucks for 4 hours, well, that's what you may get.  A wedding reception that's a big fat fail.

Music can make your wedding reception or break it!

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