Jack Daniel's "Old no.7" is a brand recognized worldwide. Did you know a slave taught Mr. Daniel how to make whiskey? Nathan "Nearest" Green was a slave belonging to Dan Call, who operated a distillery in Lynchburg, Tn. in the mid 1800's. Jack Daniel, a nearby neighbor was fascinated with the process, of making whiskey. Green was Call's master distiller, according to blavity.com. Call instructed Green to teach Daniel how to make whiskey. Ownership of the distillery was eventually transferred to Daniel. Best selling author Fran Weaver now owns the 300+ acre farm upon which the distillery is situated. Weaver has formed the Nearest Green Foundation to honor Green's memory, and insure his descendants don't have to worry about funding their education. Green couldn't read. The next time you're having an "Old no. 7," drink a toast to Nearest Green. Cheers!

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