I was going through some boxes in a storage and I found a vintage bottle of Brandy.

Asbach-Uralt German Brandy (Photo by John Falcon)
Asbach-Uralt German Brandy (Photo by John Falcon)

You may recall from a few months ago when I found a few bottles of Champagne in the pantry. I was very excited when I looked up the value of those bottles of Champagne, so I went straight to the Google to get the value of this bottle of Brandy!

Asbach-Uralt is a Cognac but, due to the Treaty of Versailles, it can't be called a Cognac, so it's called a German Brandy. I acquired this bottle of Asbach-Uralt while I was stationed in Germany during my Army days, and smuggled it home in a shipping container, compliments of Uncle Sam.

I posted a picture of the bottle to a "memories" page on Facebook last night (the Finthen Army Airfield Mainz Germany Alumni page), and my favorite comment on the pic so far is:

I remember some painful mornings courtesy of that libation! - David King, Facebook

There's no telling how many soldiers were assigned extra guard duty due to this stuff!

Anyway, to get to the point of this article: the value of the bottle. I did a quick search on eBay and found out that they no longer allow the sale/auction of liquor (not even vintage/collector stuff! That's crazy), and on Google I could not find a bottle of this size for sale at all (.35 litre). There were, though, bottles twice as large as this one available online for as low as $22.99.

All of this leaves me to wonder: if I can't find a bottle this size for sale, do I have something unique?

And for the final question: Should I save this bottle? Should I drink it in a toast to my brothers and sisters I served with in Germany? Should I try to sell it online (if I can find an auction site that allows for its sale)?

I'm thinking that I should be shouting "Prost!" real soon.

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