The iconic white eyelet jumpsuit and cape worn by Elvis Presley during 4 sold-out performances at Madison Square Garden in New York go on up for auction at 10 AM Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Nothing is more synonymous with Elvis Presley than his legendary jumpsuits, originally designed by Bill Belew. The jumpsuits gave Elvis freedom to move on stage, unlike traditional pants. Elvis would split regular pants on stage. Jumpsuits and boots became a standard part of his on-stage attire in the late 60s. Belew designed the jumpsuits to "frame" Elvis' face, a fashion design usually used on women.

Elvis' face was so perfect, I used the high collars to frame his face. -Bill Belew

Presley played Madison Square Garden in 1972. He was hesitant about booking a show in such an iconic venue. He ended up selling out not one, but four consecutive shows. The first artist to ever do so. The white eyelet jumpsuit and cape ensemble were worn at each show.

Kruse GWS Auctions is putting both the historic jumpsuit and cape on sale separately. The highest bidder will also have a private luncheon with Priscilla Presley, Elvis' ex-wife. (A private luncheon with Priscilla is also up for auction.)

The minimum bid for the jumpsuit is $350,000 and $50,000 for the cape. At this time, there is already a bid of $325,000 for the jumpsuit and $45,000 for the cape.

I thought, ‘Why not be a part of it?'” Priscilla told People. “I used to have a different opinion about these estate sales, but then as I got older I realized that you have to pass these things down to someone who’ll really appreciate them. -Priscilla Presley

A portion of the funds raised from the Priscilla Presley luncheon will benefit the Dream Foundation to honor Priscilla's mother who passed away recently.

There is a ton of Elvis stuff that will be on the auction block including his comb, racing helmet, his bible, even a big clump of his hair.

See everything up for auction here.

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