Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey for 99 cents? Yep! For less than the price of a candy bar, soft drink or a bottle of water you can get your drink on. Who knew?!

I saw a whole basket of 50 mL bottles of Fireball at Rouses on Johnston (near Moss Mercedez) today for only 99 cents each. At 33% alcohol by volume (66 proof), talk about a cheap feel good. A seasoned drinker would probably shoot the whole bottle, but a regular Joe might get several swigs from the bottle with a devil on it. Okay, maybe it's a dragon, but it should be a devil.

I had fireball once and ended up talking to cows in a pasture, I won't be having any again anytime soon. Probably never again actually. But if you desire the cinnamon delight, for, under a buck, you can have a delightful winddown at the end of a long day. And since it's still 2020, go ahead and pick up two, just in case one isn't enough.

If you are still in the mood for eggnog, I would think a dash of Fireball would be quite appealing. And since Fireball can accelerate any celebration, I would think Fireball might be a nice companion for ringing in the new year.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

At Rouses, the baskets of small bottles of alcohol are strategically placed near the checkout counters. You can see them glaring at you as you stand in the checkout lanes. Customers can almost hear the bottles calling out, "don't leave without one of us".

I'm sure Rouses is not the only retail outlet with small bottles of Fireball for 99 cents. I did see where was selling them for a whole penny less, only 98 cents.

In a day and age where a 3-way light bulb could cost you $20 bucks, it's nice to know that simple pleasures like a small bottle of Fireball is still under a dollar.

Always drink responsibly.

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