One thing we can all agree on right now: It's hot, ya'll. It's the humidity, the high temperatures, and the lack of a breeze. We are all used to this living in South Louisiana.

One meteorologist in Tennessee decided to spice up his forecast by including how you can use the heat for a yummy purpose: making a lasagna inside your mailbox. Yes, this is real.

Meteorologist Brian Smith came ready with detailed instructions on how to effectively make this lasagna...inside your mailbox. I thought this was a joke, but no. It is indeed that hot outside to cook meat.

Now, it's going to take much longer to make the lasagna. It normally takes around 2-3 hours, but this mailbox delicacy will take 4-8 hours, probably because it's not an oven with concentrated heat...but a metal box.

I am not one to try this, but hey, if the heat is that constant and experiments are the way to go. Frying eggs on the concrete, baking biscuits on the dashboard of your car, and now...mailbox lasagna: delivered fresh.

Would you try this? If you do, be sure to check your lasagna before eating or serving it to make sure it is cooked all the way through. It could be a fun science experiment for the kids, but don't rely on this to bring to a potluck. If you do, don't say it was made in a mailbox.

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