Hey, at least we can say it all started here.

Saturday Down South is reporting that the University of Florida has filed a trademark application for one of Coach Billy Napier's popular sayings.

If you follow the Ragin Cajuns, you are probably aware of the saying, "Scared Money Don't Make Money."

While as the head coach of the UL Ragin Cajuns, Coach Napier dropped that during a television interview. He was referring to a decision that he made during the game to go for a touchdown, rather than kick a field goal.

By the time Coach Napier got home that night, his one line had gone viral and everyone on social media was saying, "Scared Money Don't Make Money."

According to Saturday Down South, Josh Gerben, who is a trademark attorney, says, "The filing date was April 14, and it covers clothing and wearing apparel, entertainment services, athletic events, tournaments, and exhibitions."

If you're curious yes, this saying is in a current song, that I am sure most players and some fans are aware of.


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