If you're not from Louisiana, some of our town's names can be pretty strange. Heck, even if you are from Louisiana these names are strange. There's always a reason behind why certain places in Louisiana are named what they are. I did some digging around, and here are a few I uncovered.

Even more of these great mysteries can be solved over at onlyinyourstate.com

1) Dry Prong, La - A sawmill owner built a water wheel over a creek that apparently went dry every summer, and as a result, named the town "Dry Prong".

2) Cut Off, La - There was canal that was intended to connect Bayou Lafourche via Lake Salvador with New Orleans. It was a cut-off canal, hence the name "Cut Off".

3) Grosse Tete, La - Legend has it the town was named after an indigenous Choctaw man who lived and hunted in the area when it was first settled, by Acadians. The Choctaw man was said to have a big head. We all know how Cajuns love nicknames, so I completely believe this!

4) Mowata, La -  I think this one might be my favorite. This Louisiana town got its name because trains used to run through the area, and this was a stop to top off the boilers of the trains. Folks that worked on the trains would routinely yell out "More Water". The words "More water" for the train's boilers became, "Mo'wata".

5) Zwolle, La - Zwolle is named after a town in Holland. Mr. Jan De Goeijen was a major investor in the Louisiana settlement back when it was first founded, and he named it after his hometown, Zwolle.


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