Are places really haunted?

I was raised to not mess with the spirits. If you don’t mess with them, then they won’t mess with you. However, a part of me has always wondered if these stories that you hear are true.

Now I don’t know if they are true or not but I certainly will not discredit the people who proudly tell them.

Here are five of the top places that are supposedly haunted in Acadiana:

Cafe' Vermilionville on Pinhook
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Cafe Vermilionville

The main building that houses Cafe Vermilionville dates back to 1818 and is one of the oldest buildings in the Lafayette area that is still standing. Now, this building has obviously been around for a while, so I am sure that these walls have their fair share of stories to tell. However, rumor has it that there was a Yankee officer who paid a little too much attention to a local woman, and her husband actually killed the officer in what is now the main lobby of Cafe Vermilionville. Since then the floors have been redone but according to the tale, you could see the man’s bloodstains on the wooden floors for some time.
Some people have witnessed a man with a handlebar mustache lurking around the bar area and others believe that a young girl is haunting the establishment as well. Most of the paranormal activity is simply in the form of bottles falling off of the shelves, unexplained cold air, and cash registers working on their own.

Google Maps
Google Maps

T-Frere’s Bed and Breakfast

Now I have heard the stories about this place before and I for one am very curious as to if it is really haunted.
It has been said that paranormal investigators have picked up voice recordings and other strange sounds when they came to investigate the house. Visitors also have had some interesting stories to share after their stay there. Some said that they felt weird touches doing the night along with seeing a petit woman speaking French.
Now the story goes that a young widow, Amelie, who lived in the house either fell or jumped into the well that was on the property. Another story says that Amelie may have married someone that her family did not approve of and they threw both of them into the well. Whichever story you look at it should be known that Amelie does not appear on any census record but the rest of the family that called T-Frere’s home does.

KPEL Staff Photo
KPEL Staff Photo

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Dorms

I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that a college campus is supposedly haunted. I never experienced anything “scary” or “supernatural” during my time at UL, however, when I went to school at Loyola University in New Orleans I did experience several very scary and unexplained events while living on campus.

There are several stories about different buildings on UL’s campus being haunted but the one rumor that I have heard is coming out of Denbo Dorms. It is rumored that a female student stepped into an out-of-service elevator in the 1960s and was killed. Since then the dorm has been torn down but it was reported that in the 1980s a student witnessed a girl with a ‘60’s haircut waving from a Denbo window. The school’s newspaper, The Vermilion, reported that the girl’s name is Lily and that the incident took place in an out-of-commission elevator in Harris Hall. The story went on to say that the elevator actually fell on her and decapitated her. The elevator has since been sealed and closed off by a steel door.

Louisiana Mary Jane's Bridge in Broussard
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Mary Jane’s Bridge

This bridge is located in Broussard along Bayou Tortue Road. Now I have never personally been to this bridge but there are reports that a woman in a white dress can be seen from time to time on the bridge. My coworker, Michael dot Scott, wrote a great story on this bridge and it is worth a read if you have the time.

The summarized version of the story is that Mary Jane and her date went out to this bridge to hold hands. The date may have been a little intoxicated and made several advances toward Mary Jane, now stories tend to differ here. Some say that Mary Jane was raped while others say that she defended herself which made the date angry who then lost it and killed her. Either way, it seems that something terrible did happen to Mary Jane that night but her body was never recovered from the bridge. This little nugget of information definitely adds even more suspicion and spookiness to the whole story.

Nash's in Broussard
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Nash’s Restaurant

Now this upscale restaurant in Broussard provides excellent cuisine in a Victorian house that dates back to 1908. This beautiful home looks normal and charming from the outside, however, several waitresses and customers have reported strange noises when they visited this restaurant.

It seems as though a child, Edmund Joseph Comeaux II, of the home’s first owner is believed to have passed away from a fever when he was about four years old. Some believe that he hasn’t left the residence altogether. There are reports that Edmund still hangs around the restaurant moving items around and turning on hand dryers in the women’s restroom. The workers claim that he is harmless and is simply being a young boy.

So the next time you take a trip out to Nash’s try to see if you can hear Edmund running up and down the hallway.

So, now that I have listed out some of my favorite haunted places around Acadiana I hope that you will check them out and let me know if these places are truly haunted indeed.


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