Every town across the world has some sort of creepy local haunt. Down here in South Louisiana, we definitely have our fair share of legends. The Legend of Mary Jane's Bridge is one I've been hearing about forever.

I haven't actually been there yet, but since we're all in full Halloween mode, I should probably head on out to Broussard to see what happens. I did some digging around on the internet to see what I could find about it and actually found quite a bit.

The Legend of Mary Jane's Bridge

As the legend goes, a young girl presumably named Mary Jane, and her prom date went to the Bayou Tortue Road Bridge to hold hands. Tragically, according to legend, Mary Jane's prom date then raped and murdered her, then discarded her body by throwing her over the side of the bridge into the bayou.

Mary Jane's body was reportedly never found, and no one was ever arrested or prosecuted for the crime.

Legend says apparitions of "a woman in white" can be seen on the bridge from time to time.

Louisiana Mary Jane's Bridge in Broussard
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Where Is Mary Jane's Bridge?

The exact location of Mary Jane's Bridge can tend to vary slightly depending on who you ask, however the majority of people agree that Mary Jane’s Bridge is the Bayou Tortue Road Bridge located on Bayou Tortue Road.

Bayou Tortue Road is continuous with Garber Road, intersecting with Highway 90 the further north toward Broussard you go. Bayou Tortue Road eventually becomes Parish Road 140 the further south you travel.

Who Killed Mary Jane?

The general consensus is that Mary's boyfriend/prom date murdered her as mentioned above. However, there is another even more gruesome theory.

Some say that Mary was killed by "an ax-wielding serial killer in the early 1900s that roamed the area" according to hauntednation.blogspot.com.

Although the legend of Mary Jane's Bridge has no year or time period associated with the time of the tragedy, the "ax-wielding murderer" theory could give a clue as to what year Mary Jane met her fate.

Axe Throwing Becomes Recreational Trend
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The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman of New Orleans was indeed a real serial killer active in the New Orleans area, including Gretna "from May 1918 to October 1919" according to wikipedia.com.

Some sources report the gruesome ax murders even began as early as 1911.

Many people, such as Jeri Scarborough of Action Video Design on Youtube believe The Axman moved west to California after 1919.

Could Mary Jane have actually been a victim of The Axman as he was traveling west?

Here's some information I found at hauntin.gs about Mary Jane's Bridge that mentions The Axman.

Some associate the bridge with satanic rituals that have been rumored to take place nearby. Other people claim that all of the tales of paranormal activity are a hoax. Indeed, a serial axe murderer who went through the area in the early 1900′s may actually be responsible for inspiring local lore about the bridge.


Is there any real-world validity to The Legend of Mary Jane's Bridge, or is it all just a fun, made up ghost story?

We may never know definitively.

What stories have you heard about Mary Jane's Bridge? Have you ever been there?

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