It's been a very long and hot summer here in south Louisiana and even those who love summer are ready for a break.

We have set so many records this summer and the heat has been relentless, but fall and winter are rapidly approaching.

So, what will winter be like in the Deep South? Well, according to the Farmer's Almanac those in the south should expect a mild and wet winter.

But before we reach freezing conditions here, we should expect some cool/cold brisk mornings and there's nothing like frost on the ground for the first time.

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First here's a quick history of the Farmer's Almanac, it has been predicting weather forecasts since 1792 and has an 80-percent accuracy in forecasting.

Many generations have and still rely on the Farmer's Almanac for their weather forecasts and predictions. And those who do will tell you that the almanac is often very accurate.

Now, let's get to when the first frost will happen in the deep South.

Frost predictions and dates are just estimates and the data used to predict the first frost dates are gathered from the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. 

According to the Almanac:

"Frost dates are only an estimate based on historical climate data and are not set in stone. The probability of a frost occurring after the spring frost date or before the fall frost date is 30%, which means that there is still a chance of frost occurring before or after the given dates!"

Here are the predicted First Frost Dates in Acadiana.

  • Lafayette: Nov. 26
  • Crowley: Nov 27
  • Scott: Nov 19
  • Ville Platte: Nov 20
  • St. Martinville: Nov 21
  • New Iberia: Nov 30
  • Eunice: Nov 20
  • Franklin: Nov 29
  • Breaux Bridge: Nov 26
  • Abbeville: Noc 27
  • Carencro: Nov 19

Now, if you don't see your town or city on the above list, you can visit the Farmer's Almanac predictions and get the first frost date predictions.

By the way for those asking, Winter arrives this year on December 21, 2023

Oh, one more thing, the Farmer's Almanac does NOT predict a white Christmas for those in the deep south. So, what's new?


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