Someone went overboard for Halloween and their decor led some to believe that a house was on fire.

A house in New York set up fake flames in the windows and some driving past the house thought the house was fire, so they called 911.

Well, when firefighters arrived at the address, they quickly found that there was no fire and that no one was in danger.


In fact, firefighters applauded the homeowner on the decor and they did not force them to remove the fake flames, which may mislead others.

Look, I've seen spooky things in yards for Halloween, but I don't think we've ever seen anything like this. I do suspect that the homeowner may put a sign in the yard that reads, "My house isn't really on fire.'

Check out the house with flames in the windows, and ask yourself, would you call 911 if you saw this house while driving past it?

Here's the viral video that the fire department shared on social media.


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