Festival International de Louisiane is looking for volunteers for this year's festival.
The festival will take place April 27- May 1, 2022, in Downtown Lafayette.
Organizers are encouraging everyone who wants to volunteer to do so and join in on the fun of Festival weekend.

Registration is now open to become a Festival volunteer by visiting the website.


"One of the best parts about being a volunteer is seeing behind the scenes. It also brings you closer to Festival and into the family. We all own a part of Festival International because it's a community-driven event. Our volunteers get hooked and many come back every year to lend a hand,"

says Marketing Coordinator Carly Viator.


Volunteers can visit this website to view all of the volunteer opportunities that are available and choose the shifts that work best for them.

Festival International is looking for a variety of volunteers to work in areas such as:
Artist Hospitality
RFID Top Up Stations
Marché Hospitality
Musicians' Village Cafe
Louisiana Healthcare Connections Scène des Jeunes (Youth Area)
Ticket Booths
For more information on volunteer opportunities, you can visit the Festival website or email volunteer@festivalinternational.org.

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