Last week, the day before Thanksgiving, police discovered hundreds of packages curiously dumped and possibly stashed in a wooded area.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office says in a recent Facebook post an investigation has been launched after finding "300 to 400" undelivered packages found in a wooded area just north of Birmingham, Alabama.

According to, police have identified the driver who was supposed to deliver the packages and is being questioned.

From -

"Photos shared by the sheriff’s office showed the jumbled packages among the trees.

Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said deputies responded to the area to protect the dumped packages until FedEx workers could collect them.

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office declined to release further information Monday, citing the ongoing investigation."


At this point, it's not yet known exactly what the motivation behind the package dump is. Was the driver just dumping the packages to speed up the workday, or were they put there to be picked up at a later date?

By the looks of how the packages were carelessly tossed into the woods, I would think the driver was just lightening his delivery load so he or she could knock off early.

Whatever the reasons are, I would think the driver has quite a few charges coming his or her way like unlawful dumping, littering, and possible felony theft, and certainly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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