National Unclaimed Property Day is today, February 1. Not sure if you have any lost money collecting dust in the Louisiana Treasury? Here's how to check!

The Louisiana State Treasury currently has more than $900 million in unclaimed money according to KALB. The money is from a variety of different things like payroll checks, bank accounts, refunds, life insurance and more.

Even if you checked last year and didn't find any unclaimed property, the Louisiana State Treasury urges you to check again because they say unclaimed money is turned in to them constantly.

To date, over $600,000,000 in unclaimed money has been returned by the Louisiana State Treasury.

State Treasurer John Schroder tells KALB “One in six people has Unclaimed Property so the odds are pretty good that you’ll find something.”

Looking for unclaimed property is free. Head to to start your search, and good luck to ya!

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