The State Treasurer is shipping out four million dollars’ worth of unclaimed property checks to Louisianans this week.

Treasurer John Schroder says they’ve been able to identify tens of thousands of recipients who are owed money, and he knows quite a few of them could probably use it right now.

“It’s coming at a great time and there will be about 44,000 checks going out this week,” says Schroder.

Schroder says about one in six Louisianans is owed unclaimed property by the state, and you can speed up the process of getting it to you by visiting

So keep your eyes on your mailbox over the next week, and don’t throw out any mail until you know what it is.

“This is a real check, and it will have a treasury seal with my signature and these checks will go out from JP Morgan Chase sometime this week,” says Schroder.

Unclaimed property can be everything from payroll checks to old bank accounts, royalties, deposits, interest payments, and more.

Schroder says the average check is no small fortune, but it is worth about nine hundred dollars.

“These aren’t $100,000 checks,” says Schroder.

Schroder estimates 14 million dollars in checks will be shipped next month.

(Story written by Matt Doyle/Louisiana Radio Network)

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