The Louisiana Treasury has millions of dollars in unclaimed tax refunds, and here's how to find out if they have some of your money.

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If you're thinking there's no way you have any money owed to you sitting in Louisiana's unclaimed property program, you might be surprised.

Last year a close friend of mine searched his name, never thinking he would come across unclaimed money owed to him. Sure enough, he had over $1,000 in unclaimed state income tax refunds!

It only takes a minute to search the database to check. Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder says checking often, at least once a year, is something all Louisianians should do as each year, more unclaimed money is sent to the state’s unclaimed property program.

Currently, there is over $5.6 million in unclaimed Louisiana tax refunds.

From KATC -

"Treasurer John Schroder said the funds were received from the Department of Revenue and are owed to nearly 22,000 residents and businesses around Louisiana."

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Ready to check to see if you have any unclaimed money?

How To Search Louisiana's Unclaimed Tax Refunds

You can call the treasury department at 888-925-4127, or quickly search the Louisiana database at

KATC reports Schroder says "the amounts received in income tax refunds this year range from a few dollars to up to six figures."

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