It looks like the Mardi Gras spirit has infiltrated the New Orleans Police Department.

"When in Rome..." is how the saying goes, right? And "If you can't beat 'em..." goes the other saying. Either way you look at it, the NOPD has the beat!

WWL TV just uploaded a video to its Instagram account, and it's spreading like wildfire.

The video shows a crowd in New Orleans doing a Zydeco line dance and, right in the midst of the partying, two of New Orleans' finest are in the mix, cuttin' a rug.

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For those who might say "I'd fire them if they were my employees", you guys need to chill.

These officers are not only doing their jobs, they are taking it one step further: they are building trust.

Anytime officers of the law can interact with people in a fun, positive manner, bridges are built.

When you see an officer join a group of kids for a pick-up game, that officer is building trust.

When you see the New Orleans Police Department take to the streets with people to celebrate heritage, jump in and join them. This world needs more dancing.

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