UPDATE 8/19/22:

The Orleans Parish Reserve Constable accused of ignoring a rape in the French Quarter this summer has resigned.

The constable resigned before the completion of an internal investigation into his inaction during the night in question, which was documented by a tourist on Twitter.

According to Orleans Parish Constable Edwin Shorty Jr., the deputy was seen on video surveillance walking in the opposite direction as the witness to the rape was yelling for help. He also admitted to not getting out of his vehicle or attempting to help.

According to WWL-TV, the Constable's Office was not notified of this incident until two weeks after it happened. The deputy in question was working on security detail for a movie set near the French Quarter when the incident happened. He also had over 30 years of law enforcement experience.


A woman says that she was ignored by New Orleans Police officers after she witnessed a rape near Bourbon Street in late July.

A Twitter user by the name @IndianaCoco chronicled her experience within minutes of the incident happening in multiple tweets.

The Twitter user said she administered CPR on the victim after she found her unconscious with no pulse. She is an ER Respiratory Therapist and wanted two responding officers to administer Narcan, which they did not. She claimed that the officers insisted that the unconscious woman to state that she was being raped, despite countless bystanders saying so and the victim not being able to recall anything.

@IndianaCoco -- who appears to be a tourist who found the unconscious woman says she, her husband, and about 10 bystanders left without giving statements, information, or any other details because the NOPD officers were not taking them seriously. She has contacted the NOPD Chief, Mayor Cantrell, and the DOJ to report this issue and says there is a serious problem within the city of ignoring these types of calls.

The newest developments, in this case, involve the release of the 911 call @IndianaCoco made, and someone taking it upon themselves to match up the call with her tweets that night, which many on the internet and officials have tried to discredit or disprove this incident.

Despite being a tourist in the right place at the very wrong time, @IndianaCoco is very diligent in doing various follow-ups and not letting this very unfortunate incident go by the wayside. She is determined to have those involved be held accountable. Day by day, she gives updates since the incident happened. Many Twitter users chiming in on their stories of NOPD and the issues they seem to be having within the department.

New Orleans Police have yet to comment on this incident.

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