It was pure chaos in the streets of New Orleans over the weekend as viral videos show vehicles doing burnouts and donuts while onlookers literally danced on top of police units.

This is nothing new to New Orleans (or any other city for that matter) but what was captured on video in New Orleans may be some of the most brazen and reckless behavior we've seen to date when it comes to this type of activity.

From St. Claude and St. Roch to Chef and Downman, the cameras and the crowds were out as multiple vehicles lit up their tires doing burnouts in busy intersections while traffic was at a standstill.

At one point, an NOPD police cruiser can be seen sitting right in the middle of all the action as cars are doing donuts—helpless and unable to respond to what is happening right before their eyes.

At one point, onlookers begin jumping on top of the police cruiser and taunting the officer inside.

Other videos showed onlookers being hit by vehicles as they were whipping around recklessly in the streets.

Reactions of disgust and anger poured in on social media. Someone even suggested that the worst is yet to come.

I feel bad for the police having to deal with whatever decree they face while dealing with the people. They turned st Claude into a movie… then on chef and downman they were doing stunts earlier blocking traffic on the highway. They love to turn up under the bridge on Claiborne… they don’t even care they on video they don’t care that the police is riding through… TeedyVille at it again… coming to a theatre near you… summer times not even in full effect yet.

Others were quick to suggest that the offenders were not even New Orleans residents, but instead, visitors from out of town.

Criticism of the current administration and suggestions to bring in the national guard flooded the comment sections of multiple videos posted to social media, as residents have had enough of the chaos in New Orleans.

At the time of this post, NOPD has not responded to any of the brazen activity but we will update the story as we get more information and as more videos get posted to social media.

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