I was on Evangeline Thruway recently.  I drove into town from I-10.  After you pass the Welcome Center near Home Depot and Walmart, it just looks disgusting until you get to about Pinhook.  I don't believe this entrance to our city is an accurate representation of Lafayette.

I know one thing, if I had never been to Lafayette, Louisiana and that stretch of Evangeline Thruway is the first thing I saw, I probably would keep driving.  I know there have been many many discussions and forums as to what to do with that stretch of roadway, which will eventually become part of I-49, but actions have been nonexistent.  Even the road itself, in both directions, is in horrible condition.

I've always been of the philosophy, image is everything.  I certainly don't have the answers, but one would think with all the time spent talking about it, something would have been done by now.

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