The Evangeline Maid Bread sign is still baking up attention in Acadiana.  So many times we take things for granted, like this big bold mechanical billboard on Simcoe St. in Lafayette.

The local bakery began in 1937 and is still baking doughy wonders that Cajuns just love.  Traveling past the bakery at 720 W. Simcoe Street, you can smell the aroma of freshly baked bread and you can certainly see it too.  The revolving Evangeline Maid Bread loaf has been viewed by this community for years, many remember the sign from their childhood.

So the next time you drive by the Evangeline Maid Bread sign, let it be a reminder of the days when times were slower, more about family, before the iPhone and Facebook, and when we would take time to smell the bread.




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