UPDATE: According to a KPEL source, officials are saying that all students have gone back to school and officers are at each campus for the remainder of the day.

UPDATE: According to a KPEL source, officials are beginning the process of getting all the students back to their classes.

Today in the news we shared a story with you about a third grade student that wasn't arrested but that would likely face disciplinary action because of a bomb threat left on a bus.

Now, KATC reports that Erath schools have been evacuated again because of a threat.

They spoke to the Police Chief Anna Lapointe who says they evacuated the campuses of all the schools.

A KPEL source tells us that all of this started just after 8 o'clock this morning.

The schools, Dozier Elementary, Erath Middle School and Erath High School have been evacuated.

Earlier in the day there was a possible bomb threat at Erath High School according to officials.

Officials say that the students have all been moved to areas that are safe until all of the searching by law enforcement is done.


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